HereDSC_0751 is an excerpt from a Conde Nast Traveler Magazine article from the May 2002 issue entitled “The company of dogs.” One of their writers, Kathleen Lee, took a dog sledding trip with us and wrote about her experiences in this article.

…I realized as I lay outside in my sleeping bag that night, perfectly warm, watching the Dipper twirl over my head, we are lucky to have something -the natural wonder- that cannot be ordered like items from a catalog. I had met great dogs, discovered a new and extraordinary form of travel and I had experienced the fierce beauty of Alaska, its roaring breath right in my face…

…Weather was not something we could command; it was something that must be lived by. Snow, lifted from the ground, blew through the air like dust. There is always something exhilarating in extreme weather, in feeling the hard, indifferent force of nature.

There was something wild and thrilling in the great expanses of snow, soft and crisp, pristine and undisturbed, that stretched away from us. It seemed a hallmark of this wilderness, its breathtaking, untrammeled quality. We were in a silent, expansive world, harsh and delicate.