If you are in the Denali National Park area, and looking for a fantastic Winter tour, take a one day dog sled trip!  A dog sled day trip is $140-395 per person for 1-4 hour trip. We have over 35 years of guiding experience in the area we are guiding, in and around Denali National Park in the Stampede Valley.  This experience has allowed us to offer the best choices for our guests.  Day trips are run directly out of our kennel at EarthSong Lodge, so you can meet the dogs and watch hookup after we gear you up with our cold weather gear.  All trips are interactive with the opportunity to drive the dog team while sharing a sled with a guide.  You can actually drive the guide sled for part of the trip, instead of just sitting in a sled basket or on a tag (pulled) sled behind the main sled.  There is no better way to get a real exposure to dog sledding on a day trip anywhere!  Length of trips and start of guiding season may be dictated by adequate snow cover.  While most day trips are with smaller groups of 1-3, at times we can do trips with larger groups.  Children are welcome upon review.  We run our dog sled tours for varied amounts of time:


1-2 Hours
1-4 Hours
1-4 Hours
3-4 Hours
4 Hours

1 Hour Trip
$140per person
3 Hour Trip
$315per person