Alaska Dogsled TourWritten by guest Clay Singleton of Austin, Texas following his 10-day dog sledding tour with us:
In the summer of 2001 when we were on a driving trip in Canada and Alaska we had the good luck to stay at the EarthSong Lodge on two occasions. While at the lodge, I saw Jon’s slide shows and heard about the dog sled trips he offered. Before leaving I was already trying to figure out when I could get back to Alaska for a dog sled adventure of my own.

Two years later my dream came true and I have enjoyed a 10 day trip with a friend from my childhood. We have seen some of the most amazing scenery and enjoyed the instruction and friendship of Jon on the trip. It has been an experience I will remember for the rest of my life with great fondness.

I can only assume my stories about the trip will stay true to the facts–let’s see we had temperatures -20 or -30… I can see the possibilities already. I am sure my family will never tire of the stories which I will no doubt repeat many times over the years. Thanks to Jon and Karin for making this trip a reality!