Denali Dogsled Specials

Our 2019-2020 season is picking up right now.   Here is a monthly breakdown of what we are offering and how much space for new trips we still have:

November:  We are doing day trips, 1-2 hours until November 23, then 1-3 hour trips until the end of the month.  Still many days open, including in and around Thanksgiving.

December:  We are doing day trips, 1-3 hours until December 7, but if conditions warrant it we may be offering 1-4 hour day trips.  Day trips are available through most of the month, although there are limited openings between December 24-January 2.  Overnight trips of 3-4 days to Sushana River cabin and Slate Lake cabin are available starting December 20 through the month.  Very limited overnight availability between Christmas and New Years.

January:  We are doing 1-4 hour day trips through the month.  Overnight trips 3-4 days are available most of the month.  5 day trip options like the Stampede Trail trip are available starting January 20.

February:  1-4 hour day trips available throughout the month.  3-5 day trips are available until February 20.  7 day Toklat Loop trips are available starting February 15.

March:  Day trips are extremely limited until the end of the month.  Most overnight trips are not available until after March 17.

April:  We will work on trip reservations for April with the understanding that early break-up conditions may modify or cancel the trip.  Unfortunately we cannot escape climate change, and our winters tend to end earlier and quicker than in the past.  But we are usually able to do shorter overnights and all day trips through April 7-10.

*SOLO TRAVELERS:  We often can add a solo guest to a trip already going, so if you want something and it isn’t available in the section above, just contact Jon.

SPECIALS:  Right now we do not have any specials going, but keep checking back, watch our Facebook Page (EarthSong Lodge), or email Jon directly.