Denali Dogsled Specials

Here is a monthly breakdown of what we are offering for the 2024-2025 season:

November:  We are offering day trips, length and date starting is snow-dependent.  No overnight trips for November.

December:  We are offering day trips, generally between 1-4 hours that are snow-dependent.  Overnight trips to Slate Lake will be offered after mid-December.

January:  Day trips and overnight trips between 3-5 days are planned for January, with the longer overnight trips towards the end of the month.

February:  Day trips and overnight trips are planned for the month.

March:  Most of this month will be reserved for overnight trips, with our longest trips and ski-support trips being offered.

April:  Generally we can do overnight trips to April 7 and day trips to April 14.  This is weather and snow-dependent, as late winter long daylight hours can impact trail and river ice conditions.

SPECIALS:  Keep checking here on any specials we may be offering.  We’ll have something for Slate Lake for New Years Eve posted sometime in the near future.

Watch our Facebook Page (EarthSong Lodge), or email Jon directly.